Thursday, October 23, 2008

Life's Unexpected Turns

Today I was actually having a fairly good day. Today was the start of my "weekend" away from work and, after lunch and getting a haircut I went shopping with my soon-to-be step-mother. After we went shopping, I went back to Dad and Audra's to drop off a couple PJ outfits that I bought for Kenna when we were out today. After playing with Kenna and talking to Dad for a little while today I decided to get home because I knew that dinner was ready and I wanted to get my stuff put away before my shows came on. The night seemed like it was going to be uneventful until my phone started to vibrate; my mom was calling.

When I picked up the phone my mom was crying and I thought it was news about her grandmother who we know isn't doing too well. As it turns out, my Uncle Kurt who lives in Tennessee passed away tonight. This comes as such a shock to the entire family, even my Dad and Grandma (Dad's mom) who aren't even close to my Mom's side of the family were taken aback. Right now we're waiting to hear something from the authorities or the hospital where his body has been taken. Luckily, from what one of my other uncles had told me, Kurt's boys weren't there when he died. My Grandparents aren't taking this well, obviously, but I can only imagine what this is doing to them. Unfortunately since Kurt and the boys lived down south we weren't very close, but he's always been a part of my life and now I don't have that any more.

I suppose that everything happens for a reason, but this totally came out of the blue. I'm hoping that we'll have some sort of an idea fairly soon but only time will tell. I keep thinking about what's going to happen to the boys. Kurt and the boys' mom are divorced but (from what I understand) lives in TN as well so I'm assuming that they'll stay with her and her husband? I really can't even think what to write. My mind keeps going blank mid sentence and I have to keep starting over.

With this news it just goes to show that you need to live life while you can. Life every day like it's your last.

I love you, Uncle Kurt!!!

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