Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Inspiration... What's Yours?

Each day I try and find something to inspire me. Yesterday I read an entire book in my 8-hour shift at work and it was truly inspiring, but I needed something more. When the phones were slow I took a little trip to the Gift Shop and was just going to get something to drink but these mugs and clocks kept staring at me from across the room. 

A couple of months ago, I was in the Gift Shop and was having a rough day and just needed a pick-me-up and I came across a mug with a saying from Thomas Fuller, "Great hope makes great men". Those simple words were enough to keep me going that day. Since then I really haven't looked in that corner of the shop, but yesterday my curious mind overtook me. Two things stood out yesterday, a mug that said "Live as brave men" (Cicero) and a little desk clock, "Character is man's guiding destiny".  It may seem silly to some, but these two things, I have each sitting on my desk at home, just make things easier for the time being. All I have to do is remember those two quotes and I'll be good for a while. 

Inspiration can be found in many forms. Each and every day I'm inspired by something or someone. I am incredibly grateful for each day that I am allowed to spend on this earth. I am inspired by the things that I see going on around me; they teach me to either never do something or to always push forward. Each of the people in my life, even if I have only met the once have inspired me to be a better person. Each interaction that I have with a guest at work, either good or bad inspires me do what I do best, make a difference in this world. 

As I have said before, it only takes you smiling at one person that you pass in the hallway or on the street to make their day better. By taking a split second to smile or say "hello" to someone, you may have made a bad day a tiny bit better or a great day 10x better that it was before. Each of us have a specific purpose in this life. If you have yet to figure yours out yet, please, I beg you to keep looking. It will come to you. 

So, today I ask, "What is your inspiration?". Your inspiration could be your children, family, friends, striving to be a better person, the beauty of nature or many other things that I did not list. 

"Live, inspire, be inspired..."

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