Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some things in life I will never understand

I am very fortunate in life to have been surrounded by friends who, for the most part, believe in what I do as far as morals go. I have had the occasional friend who didn't, but I'm sure that everyone has. I was reading a blog just before I posted this and this guy was talking about sleeping around and how he was trying to come up w/ excuses for why he was doing it. I realize that life is full of mysteries, but sleeping around is one thing that I will never understand. Does it make people feel better about themselves that someone is willing to tell them whatever they want just so they can have their way w/ them? For me, and this is something that I will never do, it would kind of take the intimacy out of any relationship once you've slept with half of the city. I suppose that some people are going to have one night stands or what have you, but once those ONS's turn in to a new fuck buddy every night, that's where the problem starts. I guess some people really are just a horse of a different color, but I don't think I'll ever understand it...

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