Monday, December 22, 2008

The lucky one?

Yesterday before I left the house, I was reading another blog post, specifically about a break-up that this person had gone through. Lately I've been thinking that the people who are actually in the relationships are the lucky ones, but now I don't know what I think. In a way, they are, but on the other hand, am I to be considered the lucky one because I don't have to go through the pain of a break-up?

I suppose that people in both situations could be considered lucky. The people who are in the relationships because they've found someone who (at least for the time being) can share and experience things with that they would otherwise be unable to. People in my situation, however, have the relative freedom to do whatever, whenever (within reason, of course) and not have to worry about not being there for their significant other, etc..

On the subject of relationships, I'm kind of scared. Not of being in a relationship, but that I won't be in one. The similarities between one of my Aunt's and I are uncanny and, for the most part, our lives seem to be running on the same track. A few years ago she was in a relationship and then, all of the sudden, she was out of it. A middle of the night phone call to my Grandma was the start of something new for her, something that she was going to start on her own. Trust me, I know that people are in and out of relationships a few times throughout their life, but it just sucks. 

At last, I leave you to ponder this question... Those taken or those who are single, who is luckier?

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